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UK freelance web consultant and full-stack developer

Personal skills

  • wide range of technical expertise
  • business analysis and solution planning
  • proven project delivery
  • accurate time/cost estimation
  • excellent communication skills
  • exceptional documentation and presentation ability
  • team motivation and technical training
  • agile development practises
  • customer-focused
  • strong leadership skills
  • pragmatic problem solver
  • decision maker
  • aptitude for graphic design
  • enthusiasm, focus, dedication and drive

Technical skills

Primary technical expertise:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Progressive Enhancement, accessibility, performance
  • Progressive Web Apps (offline PWA), Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Sass, PostCSS, CSS pre-processors
  • Node.js, Express.js, PHP
  • database design, SQL, NoSQL
  • MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
  • REST, JSON, XML, web service technologies
  • Gulp.js, build tools
  • Linux and Windows DevOps, Apache, NGINX, IIS, proxy servers
  • AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, other hosting solutions
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • all major desktop and mobile browsers, tools, workarounds
  • graphic design, production, and optimisation

Further technical experience:

  • web standards evangelist and active W3C member
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • .NET, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Classic ASP, VBScript, VBA
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Docker, virtual machines (VM) and container systems
  • browser-based Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and automation
  • Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM solutions
  • Tivoli, Unicenter TNG, and other enterprise solutions

Freelance web consultant, OptimalWorks Ltd

to present

Specialist in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality, standards-based, accessible, performance-centric, usable web sites and applications.

Previous clients and projects:

  • Empello client portal designed and developed a fraud and statistical reporting system used by mobile networks, legislation bodies, and merchants in 50 countries (Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AWS)
  • Empello fraud detection bot designed and developed several versions of a headless browser bot which detects and follows web and mobile application advertising in order to detect market infringements (Node.js, Chrome, Phantom.js, REST)
  • Empello mobile network proxy developed a solution to access global mobile networks from the UK (Raspberry Pi, Linux, Squid, shell scripts)
  • Plymouth University website lead front-end developer (Ruby on Rails, MySQL, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery)
  • PCMD Assessment Database designed a system to store, manage, and retrieve student examination and coursework data for the Plymouth College of Medicine and Dentistry (SQL Server, .NET, C#, REST)
  • Smart Warehouse Systems Aurora designed and developed a new transaction-based warehouse management system (PHP, MySQL, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery)
  • web development tutor for clients including The Wall St Journal, the ICAEW, and Empello (Node.js, MongoDB, SQL, build tools, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
  • lead technical writer for more than 1,100 articles and book contributions (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, APIs, frameworks, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and more)
  • video author for O' produced a range of technical tutorials (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Gulp.js)
  • open source software contributor to own projects and products including build tools and browsers (Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • conference speaker and W3C standards evangelist talks at TechExeter, Future Sync, and Digpen (various)
  • consultant and developer for dozens of innovative web sites and applications clients include the UK Parliament, the European Parliament, the Department of Education, CfBT Education Trust, SSAT, Microsoft, Sky TV, Vodafone, EE, O2, 3, Santander, The Wall St Journal, Hewlett Packard, Brightcove, Thomson Reuters, Plymouth University, Exeter University, Devon County Council, several London borough councils, ICAEW, Landmark, TwoFour, The Hemsley Fraser Group, Equinity, Rokk Media, Tom Daley, and many SMEs.

Web team lead, Digita (Thomson Reuters)


Responsible for the web team and online consultancy projects including all company and client web sites and applications.

  • Budget Estimator designed and developed a branded tool used by one million users across Digita, MSN, ITN,, The Times, The Guardian, NatWest, Norwich Union, and other websites (ASP, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • MX MoneySaver for MSN and MoneyExtra designed and led development of an award-winning financial calculator (.NET, C#, SQL Server, REST, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • HMRC self-assessment filing lead developer on the first HMRC-branded solution and the independent TaxCentral Online Tax Return (C++, ASP, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • MSN Money and MSN Cars lead developer on content and calculation tools for Microsoft projects (proprietary Microsoft technologies, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • MSN and TaxCentral online shop lead designer and developer on an ecommerce system used by Digita and partners including Microsoft, Yahoo, Tiscali, Orange, MoneyExtra and (ASP, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • static site generation tool designed and developed a tool to reuse content and build branded web sites and applications which reduced server load by 85% (ASP, SQL Server, XML, web services, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Outlook Tax Service an early .NET initiative to subscribe and populate important dates and tasks (.NET, C#, SQL Server, web services, Microsoft Office, VBA)

Software Engineer, PassGo Technologies (Symantec)


Responsible for web, enterprise management, and documentation projects at PassGo, a network security and password synchronisation company.

  • PassGo software installation media a browser-based interface which guided installation of required components (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, early Dynamic HTML)
  • web interface to central control system designed and developed the HTML interface (HTML, CSS)
  • PassGo Plus Module for Tivoli integration lead developer and successfully demonstrated the initial versions to management at Credit Suisse Bank HQ in Zurich (Tivoli, PassGo components, Perl)

Engineer, Devon County Council


Responsible for creating road traffic simulation models and IT business strategy, planning, development, testing, and user support.

  • organised traffic surveys and analysed data including the largest ever undertaken by DCC
  • created traffic models to simulate current and predict future traffic flows in major towns
  • Windows 95 roll-out including networking, Internet connectivity, documentation, and user assistance


Articles, tutorials, and book contributions including:

Technical tutorial videos for O'Reilly including:

Conference presentations including:



  • BEng honours, Computer Systems Engineering University of Warwick, UK

A' levels

  • maths
  • computer science
  • economics

A/S levels

  • maths

O' levels

  • maths
  • English language
  • English literature
  • computer science
  • modular technology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • geography


  • Creative Conversationalist ( technical articles)
  • "Quality Universal Design" award ( accessibility)
  • CNet Financial Services Technology Project of the Year (MX MoneySaver)
  • Orange National Business "Best Use of Technology" Award (MX MoneySaver)


  • Formula 1, karting, other motor sport
  • IoT, Raspberry Pi, mobile apps
  • cinema, science fiction
  • cycling
  • cooking
  • writing
  • travel